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Help to support our Illustrious leader, Tim Elliott by clicking on this item! Tim hails from Fort Collins CO, and is currently residing in Loveland. Having been influenced by rock & roll and KISS, Tim has been playing the drums for 40 years. He is mostly self-taught, had two years of school band, and a few private lessons over the years. Tim's influences have been John Bonham (Led Zep) , Joey Kramer (Aerosmith) , Phil Ehart (Kansas), Eric Singer (KISS, Alice Cooper Badlands), Alex Van Halen, Jerry Gaskill (King's X), Dennis Elliott (Foreigner), Rod Morgenstein (Dixie Dregs, Winger), Tommy Lee (Motley Crue), Cozy Powell (Rainbow, Michael Schenker, Black Sabbath, Jeff Beck). He is currently playing in Michael Morrow & the Culprits (hard rock/classic rock covers and original music), KISSm (KISS tribute), Project Foreigner (Foreigner tribute), Knot Rock (70's era soft rock covers), and Romero (hard rock covers and original music). Tim has played in working bands for the last 30 + years, taking one year off in 1998-9. Music and drumming inspire him and keep him feeling young! Tim says, "Good vibes are so good for the soul!! I consider myself a 'song' drummer. That's what makes me excited about drumming, being part of the song. Yes I know the rudiments, but I am way more excited about songs than paradiddles." Tim plays 3 kits: Mapex, Pearl and PDP. All of them are great drums that sound great through a PA. He uses Mapex and Black panther snare drums, Sabian cymbals (ride, crashes, china's), Zildjian cymbals (hihats and splashes), Rich Sticks, Remo heads, Tama Iron Cobra double pedal and hihat stand, Tama First Chair throne, Gibraltar hardware, Carvin wireless in-ear system, Shure 315 earbuds, Crown 311 headset mic. You can find Tim online at: www.facebook.com/drummer4hope Instagram: TimElliott7495 Twitter: @DrumdudeNoCo

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