Anthony Welch
  • Anthony Welch
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Anthony joins us from Colorado Springs. He has been playing drums for 30 years. Growing up he wanted to be like Tommy Lee of Motley Crue. He started playing rock beats the day his parents brought his kit home, before he had any formal training. He admires Alex Van Halen, Vinnie Paul, Tommy Lee, Will Calhoun, Morgan Rose, and Dave Chavarri. He has played in Capricorn (an original metal band), Axe 2 the Face (original thrash), and the Fold (Judas Priest tribute/80's metal band). "Along with family and friends, music fuels my heart. It's my go-to to cure all that ails me. I would be one bored man without musical outlets. It gives me the greatest dopamine rush. The older I get, the busier, musically, I seem to get, and I love it! I gave up drinking seven years ago, so music has definitely helped fill that void in a healthy and positive way." Hardware that Anthony likes are Gretsch, DDrum, Zickos and Tama. Sabian cymbals, DW pedals, Evans heads, Regal Top or Vic Firth sticks. Anthony can be found on facebook at

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