Don Stahl
  • Don Stahl
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Don joins us from Severance, CO. Drumming for 36 years, he was inspired by stories about his dad, and hearing his uncle and John Singer play. Drummers he admires are Vinnie Colaiuta, Todd Sucherman, Matt Chamberlain, Jeff Porcaro, Dave Weckl, and Steve Smith. He is the former drummer of the Symbols, and is now playing with 2017 Colorado Blues Society “Members Choice Awards” Winner, A.J. Fullerton. Don's musical philosophy is to model himself after the pros. "That's where the 'bar' is set," he says. Hardware Don uses are Eames, Sonor, Pearl, Noble ^ Cooley dums, Sabian cymbals, Vic Firth sticks, and Remo heads. He is a graduate of the Musicians Institute/P.I.T., but considers himself "mostly self taught." Don can be followed on... facebook: @donstahldrummer Instagram: Don Stahl Twitter: @Donmstahl YouTube: Shylastahl1

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