Rick Polichio
  • Rick Polichio
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Rick joins us from Fort Collins, CO. He has been playing drums for 40 years, having been hooked from the moment he played a friend's snare drum in his basement. He is self taught. Influences have included Steve Smith from Journey, Sib Hashian from Boston, and Omar Hakim. Currently, Rick is playing in Larry and the Pour Boys. He has played in 20 Years L8, Stone Cell, Concrete Shotgun, Z-lot-Z, and Kicker. He says that he's not sure that it's a philosophy but, "I enjoy the comradery of getting together with friends and making people happy with the music we make."

Equipment he uses are Tama drums, Zildjian cymbals, DW 9000 pedals, Pearl hardware, Evans heads, Promark Todd Sucherman sticks.

Rick can be found at www.larryandthepourbous.com

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