Dave McHugh
  • Dave McHugh
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Dave hails from Greeley, CO via Saratoga Springs, NY, originally from Trenton, NJ, and has been "banging the cans" for 25+ yrs. His inspiration to start playing was because guitar was boring. After a few lessons, it became a need and developed into a passion. Dave had taken formal lessons from Jack Johnson in PA, 20 yrs ago. He is self taught for the most part, looking to return to the lessons he forgot and learn more. His drive is to keep learning and playing in this amazing Tribe named Drumming Up Hope!!!

Drummers Dave admires include Bonham, McBrain, Burr, Densmore, Gadd, Grohl, & Stahl

Bands Dave has played include: Misled, Mommy Dearest, Mean Street, A Maiden Tribute, Evil or Divine, Tim Merill Band, Hooligans Holiday, Unkovered, and he is currently playing in Bluz Kadillak & Bad Moon Rising.

Dave's philosophy in regards to music is that "you can always learn something new, bend it, twist it and make it your own." He plays a Gretsch kit, Zildjian ride & Crashes, Sabian HH hats. PDP double pedal, Pearl/Tama hardware.

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