Josh Murrow
  • Josh Murrow
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Josh Murrow comes to us from the Fort Collins CO/Loveland CO area. He has been playing drums for 22ish years, having been inspired by Grunge. Alice in Chains. He is completely self-taught. He says, "I was at a very influential time in my life. I just loved the music and the drum parts were relatively simple, so I figured 'I could do that.' I just had to find the right people to jam with." Josh admires Sean Kinney, Danny Carey, John Bonham, Shannon Larkin. He has played in Autumn Burn-hard rock, Crovax- melodic rock, Pretty Noise-rock/punk, Binary Lies/Living with Ghost- grunge/hard rock. When asked his musical philosophy, Josh said, "This one is hard. Music brings out a side of me that nothing else can. It's calming, yet chaotic. It's freeing. It lets me leave it all out there. It leaves me vulnerable and I'm OK with that. It unites the masses." What equipment does Josh use? Tama, Sabian cymbals, DW pedals, Evans heads and Ahead sticks. You can find Josh online at Twitter: @livingwithghost

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