Chris Smith (a.k.a. Fader Monkey)
  • Chris Smith (a.k.a. Fader Monkey)
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Chris was born in Fort Collins and currently lives in Severance. He has played drums since he was 15 and is self taught, largely. He says, "I’ve had one or two lessons, but I try to figure things out for myself." When asked what inspired him to start playing, Fader Monkey said, "I had a neighbor that played and I thought he was the coolest dude ever." He has been influenced by Neil Peart (of course), Tim Elliott, Tommy Aldrich, Jim Iltis (local session drummer from Fourth Estate) Buddy Rich, Frank Beard, Kelly Keagey, too many others to mention. He has played in a couple of garage bands... Black Moon (heavy rock) and Etropal (psychedelic prog rock). Music has always been an integral part of Chris's life. He said, "Both my parents played and our house was always filled with music, mostly classical and jazz. I can’t remember the first time I thought I might want to actually play, I was probably about 11." His current kit is a PDP Concept Maple all lacquer shell 7 piece. He likes the Evans Level 360 heads on the toms, and a Remo head on the snare. The cymbals are a mix of Sabian B8s and a few Silkens thrown in for flavor. Pedal is a single Iron Cobra, "but it’s not mine, so I’ll have to give it up sooner or later." He uses ProMark 5A as his primary stick, but sometimes uses Rich Sticks Tim Elliott signature. Chris can be found on Facebook.

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