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Marvin Withers is originally from Holdrege, Nebraska and is currently living in Loveland, Colorado. He has been playing drums 54 years. Marvin remembers hearing Cream play Sunshine of Your Love on KOMA at about 3:00 a.m. and saying “That’s what I want to do!" He studied music theory in high school and college but mostly taught himself how to play the drums. "I can read drum charts," He said. Drummers Marvin admires are Ginger Baker, Carmine Appice, Buddy Rich, Neil Pearl, Todd Sucherman. Marvin has played in Touch of Country, Tightrope, Cathy Connlley Band, and the Buzz Brothers; He says, "I was also a first call musician for bands that needed a last minute substitute. I did that for many bands over the years."
For Marvin, playing music is pure joy. "I love the challenge of learning something new. Nothing feels better than rocking through a set with a tight band!" Equipment he uses includes Gretsch drums, Zildjian and Paiste cymbals, Iron Cobra double bass pedal, Regal Tip 5A drumsticks. Marvin can be found on Facebook, Fandalism, SoundCloud, YouTube, and he has recordings on iTunes and most similar sites.

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