Jeph Olson
  • Jeph Olson
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Jeph Olson joins us from Loveland,CO. He is a self taught drummer... except taking a few from the awesome Don Stahl. Jeph has been playing drums since he could beat and tap on things. He was inspired by his love of drumming, but if you ask him, he'll joke that "I wanted to be the guy with the most load in -load out!" When we asked Jeph what drummers he admires, he said there are so many... Portnoy, Lee, Lambardo, Lars, Elliot, Stahl... and all the drummers who are part of Drumming Up Hope. Jeph is currently playing in a country/mix band called Lendon James and the Hwy 34 Band and an original rock band called Mojo Kamikaze. He has played in a mixed/metal band called Asylum, mixed genre band United by Chaos, original metal band Deadless, and outlaw country band Sean Wright and the Tribe. What does Jeph want out of music and drumming? "I would like to play more and work less....but drumming will always be a passion." Equipment Jeph uses includes Pearl Export, Tama, Evans and Aquarium Heads, Zildjian and Paiste Cymbals. He can be found on Facebook and

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