Erik Landgren
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Erik Landgren joins us from the Denver/Aurora, CO area. He has been playing the drums for 23 years. He told us that it "could be longer depending on if you count setting up mom's metal mixing bowls on the kitchen floor and using chopsticks to make them ring." Erik's dad was a huge inspiration to his desire to play drums. He told us, "the moment was when I was 8, in the car with my father, and he put in Rush's Exit: Stage Left... Track #3, YYZ, After the three minute drum solo, I grabbed my jaw out from my lap and looked up saying 'Dad, some day I'm going to do that.' He responded simply, 'Then do it, Erik.'" If the above wasn't obvious, Neil Peart played a small role in inspiring Erik. Aside from him, other drummers Erik admires include Chad Smith (RHCP), Dave Grohl (Nirvana), Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters/Alanis Morisette), Dino Campanella (Dredg), Danny Carey (Tool), David Silveria (KoRn), and Jose Pasillas (Incubus) all were very influential as well. Bands Erik has played in include: Synaptic Window (Alternative), Eulalie (Pop Alternative), Straight Outta Luck (Punk Rock). When we asked Erik what role music and drumming play in his life, he told us, "When I 'should' be thinking about important life decisions, my brain relates the situation to song lyrics. And then I get distracted thinking about the drum line and the song itself. Then I wonder what was going through their brains when they wrote this. Then I remember that I want to be that for other people and their life decisions. And then I think about, wait, what was the question?" Equipment Erik uses include: Orange County Drums and Percussion 4 piece, Cherry and Birch shells. Sabian AA/X Cymbals. Remo Ambassador Coated heads, Vic Firth American Classic 5A "I know, I use tiny sticks." When we asked Erik what kind of training he has had, he told us that he is "self taught on the kit. I spent middle/high school in concert band classes and Jazz Band, but the majority of my training is trial and error trying to recreate the songs that have played a significant role in my life." Erik can be found on the following social media links: Facebook @StraightOuttaLuck; Spotify:

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