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Annette VQ Cannon joins us from Westminster, CO. She has been playing drums off and on for 13 years, having been self-Taught and receiving some training, but nothing formal. She was inspired to begin drumming when a friend, who is an excellent drummer, suggested that she play the drums to Seven Nation Army. "After that, I was hooked and bought a set of drums." When we asked Annette what drummers she admires, she stated, very simply, "All of them." Annette has played in the bands Electric Blue, and Sticky Ralston. Her philosophy is that we should all "think outside the beat. I use drum beats when giving reiki, relaxation and healing touch. I also like to participate in drum circles." Equipment Annette uses includes DW's, Sabian, Rich sticks, as well as Vic Firth (7a) sticks. While Annette can be found online, on Facebook, she states she has no official drumming page, but she can be found at

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