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Buryl-Bob Hill of Fort Collins was inspired to start playing drums about the age of 7, after seeing a drum duet at a church talent show. “I made my first drum set by starting with a cheesy snare and a tiny crash I got for Christmas, and adding a homemade kick pedal attached to a cardboard laundry soap bucket. It actually sounded good.” Early influences were Buddy Rich & Danny Seraphine (Chicago). B-Squared has played out in classic rock bands in Detroit in the 70’s, an original funk band in S. Cal in the 80’s, worship bands for several years, and locally in “Davey and the Blues Dogs” A Blues jam hosted by David Boyd including taking the blues to local prisons. Recently he has been with the multi genre cover trio “By Design”. His philosophy: "Besides drumming being good therapy, I see the drums as taking an emotion and converting it to physical action. or vice versa? How cool is that?” His hardware is low budget stuff. “The money goes to heads & mostly to cymbals!” He has taken lessons now and again and likes learning from You-tube. He also enjoys playing jazz marimba. https://www.facebook.com/plainwave/

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