Stu Peterson
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Stu Peterson was born in Ft. Collins and now lives in Windsor. He's been playing drums since about 1980. His buddy Matt Johnson's brother, Tom, had a bad ass set. Dude could play rock, jazz and played in bands in NoCo and Indiana. The guys would always try to rock on his kit and that's how it started. Stu always wanted to kick ass on the skins like Niko McBrain, Les Binks and Keith Moon. The first band Stu played in was in Boulder in 1989 called Honey Slot. He dabbled on the drums but by then was a bass player. The band had some original tunes but never played a formal gig. Then in the early '90's formed Watery Grave with other FoCo locals and still book gigs. Stu is a bass player who plays drums on the side. Watery Grave switches it up when their drummer, "PDawg" plays bass and Stu plays drums for a few songs at gigs. The way drums and bass fit in for the rhythm section has always had the ability to fire Stu up. The role of drumming in his life is pure self expression. To relax, Stu told us, "I like to riff on the bass and then I can hear the drums to the riff. Then I try to play the drum beat I hear in my head." Stu plays a black Premier 4-piece with roto toms and 5 Zildjian cymbals. He likes Vic Firth sticks. He says, "I am a self taught old school rock style drummer and play single bass---trying to step up to the double bass like my man Tony G!!!!" Stu can be found on FaceBook. "ROCK ON!!"

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