Melvin LeRoy
  • Melvin LeRoy
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1 Melvin LeRoy is from Gering Nebraska , currently living in Hartville Wyoming. He is a singer/songwriter, who picked up playing guitar and harmonica at the young age of 25. he says that he has "always been singing/writing."

Drummers Melvin admires? "Tim Elliot & his crew, Nate Brown for mad skills and dedication to Craft." Melvin has played with Hillbilly Hippies.... Jesse LeRoy Brown.... The Mercenaries... Sonder... When we asked Melvin's musical philosophy and what role drumming plays in his live, he stated that "Drumming is Ancient Rhythm of Life..The Heartbeat of a Song..Drumming is HOPE.." Melvin is a very unconventional drummer in that he plays... HOHNER HARMONICAS. He is a self-taught musician. We are looking forward to his part in the drumathon. Welcome aboard, Melvin!

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