Phil Varone
  • Phil Varone
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Phil is a professional drummer/songwriter/producer who has toured and recorded with acts like Saigon Kick, Skid Row, Prunella Scales, Vince Neil, Bobby Kimball, Jake E Lee's Red Dragon Cartel. Phil is from Las Vegas, Nevada. We learned that he is a self-taught drummer who has been playing for 45 years. He was inspired to play drums by The Beatles. KISS and his grade school music program, and drummers he admires include Ringo Star, John Bonham, Tommy Lee, Steven Perkins, Manu Katche, Nate Mortan. Phil told us that, "You can always learn something no matter how good you are. Never worry about the how good someone is, just do what you do great," and when we asked him what role does music and drumming play in his life, he stated, "A huge role. Without it I wouldn't have a career, but more importantly music and drumming grounds me. No matter how bad my day is, I just need to play my drums and I feel better."

Endorsements: Drums: Ddrum Drums and Hardware Cymbals: Dream Cymbals Heads: Evans Drumheads Sticks: Los Cabos Drumsticks Cases: Humes and Berg

Social Media: facebook/realphilvarone twitter/realphilvarone instagram/realphilvarone

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