Joey Chunks
  • Joey Chunks
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Joey Chunks is a self-taught drummer out of Mannville Alberta, living in Colorado Springs. He will be taking part in our 24-hour drumathon in Colorado Springs in June. Joey has been playing for 18 years, and was inspired by his love of "rock n roll". Drummers he admires are Peart, Portnoy, and David Diepold. Joey has blayed in Dahlmers Realm, Fn Wlde, and LAMB BED, all considered metal or hard rock bands. When we asked Joey what his musical philosophy is, he said that "music is what makes my world go round. I live it every day and inspire others to do the same and stick to it." Joey plays mapex drums, pearl eliminator belt drive pedals, zildjian brass, temp pinstripes, and vic firth sticks. If you are looking for Joey on facebook, you can find him here:

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