Don Travers
  • Don Travers
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Don Travers will be another of our Colorado Springs participants. He comes to us, indirectly, from Minnesota, currently living in the Springs area. He is a self-taught drummer, playing since 1993. When we asked him what inspired him to start drumming, he said, "I didn't ask for drums. One Christmas my mom told me, 'Go downstairs and look at what we got you.' And I was like, 'WHAAAT?!' ...there was this old scrap kit my mom and Grandma picked up at a garage sale the week prior. I was hooked from then on." Drummers Don admires include Mitch Mitchell, Keith Davis, Dave Lombardo, Steve Shelley. Bands he has played in are: Khazm/Rock, Nickel/Grunge, Split Gravity/Metal, Jaded Jerks/Punk. Don states that "My whole life revolves around music. It's basically what keeps me going. Drumming is a great way to release that pent-up energy." Drum equipment that Don plays are: Reuther Drums, Sabian Cymbals, Gibraltar pedals, Aquarian heads, Zildjian 5A sticks. He can be found online at:

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