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Brandon Barrios is originally from Orlando, FL and currently resides in Fort Collins, CO. He has been playing the drums for about 18 years. Brandon is a trombone player who took up playing drums when his band began practicing at his house. He says, "It meant there was a drum set at my house and I, of course, couldn’t NOT play them." Some of Brandon's favorite drummers are Buddy Rich, Mike Portnoy, Peter Erskine, Steve Smith, Dennis Chambers, Benny Greb, Christopher Tsagakis, and Gardner Dunn. Brandon has played in several bands (on trombone) but nothing notable on the drums. When we asked Brandon about his musical philosophy, he said, "I love music! This question has always been so difficult for me to answer. I love the diversity of sounds found in any type of music and the ability to communicate using sounds. I like the way musicians are able to work together to achieve a unified sound and the ability for many musicians to adapt in any situation to add to or blend in with an already established sound. Music has taught me more skills in life than I can list. Reading music has given me a language to use with other musicians that makes me feel a part of something that is beyond words in any other language. Music theory is as mentally stimulating for me as any other field of study. Listening to music is emotional and personal and at the same time, it can be social, psychological or academic. Studying the history of music is also very engaging, as it is a part of our culture that has always managed to evade limitations, barriers or stigmas. I also like listening to it." The kit that Brandon plays is a Pearl Session Studio Classic – 2 up, 2 down with a 20” kick drum. His snare drum is a Pearl Reference maple/birch and he also uses a Pearl 14”x3” Free Floating maple snare drum. He has Evans Calftone heads on all of his toms and on his bass drum and Evans ST Dry on his snare drums. His cymbals are a combination of Zildjian Avedis, Zildjian K Special Dry and Meinl Byzance Sandblasted. For sticks, he switches between Vic Firth Peter Erskine Ride and Peter Erskine Signature sticks and Promark Jazz Café 9. He uses a student model strap drive single kick pedal with a Low Boy Custom lightweight beater When we asked Brandon whether he was self-taught or had any formal training, he told us, "I have a bachelor’s degree in music education and decades of formal training on brass instruments but I am relatively self taught on the drum set." If you want to find Brandon online, please go to

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