Emily Gould
  • Emily Gould
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  1. Name: Emily Gould
  2. Location: Colorado Springs, CO
  3. How long have you been drumming: 19 years
  4. What inspired you to start: Travis Barker of Blink 182. His playing drew my attention like nothing before.
  5. Drummers I admire: Anika Nilles, Travis Barker, Derek Grant, so many more.
  6. Bands played in: Spirettes (Indie/Rock), Plain As Day (Country/Rock), The Feeling of Falling (Melodic Rock)
  7. Musical Philosophy: Drumming is an absolute joy and passion for me that I feel should be shared as much as possible.
  8. Equipment: I exclusively use Outlaw Custom Drums, Sovereign Cymbals, Humes & Berg cases, SledgePad, Arti Dixson Bass Drum Lift and Sweet Spots Dampeners.
  9. Education: Formal training through private drum instruction
  10. Links: www.EmilyGouldDrumming.com, Facebook.com/snaredrumem, Instagram: @snaredrumem, Twitter: @snaredrumem
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