Eric Lewis
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Eric Lewis Colorado springs CO, Fountain Co

5 years

My first drummer Matt Heady I always liked drums but watching him drum and having conversations about drumming and other drummers sparked my interest

Morgan Rose Scott Phillips Neil Pert Phill Collins Patrick Madsen

On guitar I've played with Flesh Engine , (Metal) Last Ray Of Dawn,(Hard rock) Hero kid , (pop punk) Anthropology,( accoustic cover band) Breaking the Cycle , ( Christian metal) Lavinia Unknown,(Metal) And on drums Icarus Echoes ( current band) (Prog Rock) Opposition Force (rock cover band)

Music is a huge part of my life, I've been playing music since I was 12 I got my first guitar at 7 but never really played untill my father passed... It has helped mold me into who I am It can never heal the void of him gone but I can feel his presence when I play crowds of hundreds or just in my living room Drumming has helped me gain some of my paitence back I'm self taught but digging into metronome's as Icarus Echoes is currently recording scratch tracks to our upcoming album drumming had become a relaxing , stressful ,wonderland and I enjoy every minute of it

PDP z 5 22" ,10" , 12" and 14" pearl marching snare Zindjin symbols with some paste and wuhan China Pdp 5000 double pedal Vic firth 5A

Self taught

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