Logan Oshiro
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Logan Oshiro " El Boxy"

Where are you from/ currently residing?
Colorado Springs.

How long have you played the drums? Almost three years.

What inspired you to start drumming? I got inspired to start drumming when my mom's band was playing and the drummer was playing some cool beats. After hearing him play I thought I could do that as well. He taught me some beats to start until I started getting lessons.

Drummers you admire? Pat Torpey, Taylor Hawkins, Clyde Stubblefield, Lars Ulrich, Dave Grohl.

Bands played in? Urusai - Rock

Musical philosophy? What role does music and drumming play in your life? Drumming plays a large part in my life. I enjoy playing complex beats and fast beats and creating new ones. I love playing live and having people appreciating what I do.

What drums, cymbals, pedals, heads, sticks do you use? Gretsch Energy kit, Pearl M-80 snare drum, Ahead Lars Ulrich Signature Drumsticks. Pork Pie Zebrawood Snare Drum 13 x 7 in, Iron Cobra 900 Power Glide Double Bass drum pedal, Zildjian cymbals.

Are you self taught/formal training? I take lessons with drummer Emily Gould and sometimes train myself. I make little fills and beats when I practice on my own.

Social media links. https://www.instagram.com/elboxy/

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