Michael LeDonne
  • Michael LeDonne
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  • Michael LeDonne, born in Brooklyn, NY, is now happy to call Fort Collins home for the past 24 years. Michael has been playing percussion for 18 years. As a teenager, he dabbled with percussion but then went off to college, became a doctor, and forgot about drumming. Then, after almost 20 years, and moving to FoCo, he happened to see the Walt Jenkins Jazz Jam at Lindens a couple of times, and the sheer joy of the music and the players ignited in him the desire to get back to music, and drumming, and he's never looked back. He says: " I can't begin to recount the wonderful people I have met and the incredible music I have enjoyed because of that decision. Best damn thing I have ever done for myself. :)" Michael sees drumming, and the interactions with other musicians, as one way to practice spiritual development. On the flip side, music is the the best antidote for life's stresses and incredible fun. For himself, playing is a meditation. "I try to leave my ego out of it, and do whatever it takes to support the music and the other players, whether it is an all out drum fest, or simply a well-placed shaker." His favorite drummers include Vinny Colaiuta, Lenny White, John Bonham, Joe Morello, Elvin Jones, Dave Weckl, and Giovanni Hildago. His equipment includes a Yamaha drum kit, Sabian cymbals, and LP Patato Series congas and a custom made Cajon. He is currently supporting different acoustic projects, including the MeadowCreek Band, and various local musicians.
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