Ross Hansen
  • Ross Hansen
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1 – Ross Hansen

2 – Windsor, CO

3 – Guitarist/singer/songwriter, who wishes he could play drums. I can keep a beat.

4 – My first instrument as a kid was a drumkit. Best Christmas ever! I came back from summer vacation and a kid who was friends with my sister destroyed it.

5 – Neil Peart, John Bonham, Brian Nevin, All my DUH brethren!

6 – Watery Grave – Original Rock, Boulevard Road – Original Rock/Christian Rock, Ross V Hansen original Solo/Acoustic

7 - Music comes from beyond and connects us all. I have the gift to create music. What gift! Melody and beat has always stirred my soul. I love to see concerts and bands live

8 – Other peoples. 😊

9 – Self-taught drummer, I had guitar lessons when I was a kid. My first guitar teacher had me learn songs and sing them when I was 12. Looking back that started me down a great path. Thank you Claire.

10 – Watery Grave - Boulevard Road

Ross V Hansen Solo Acoustic show at High Hops June 24th 3 – 5.
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