Ward Durrett
  • Ward Durrett
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Ward makes his home in Fort Collins CO. He has been playing drums for 57 years, having been inspired by his folks desire for him to get involved with Music. Drummers Ward admires include: Joe Morello; Steve Gadd; Buddy Rich; Graham Lear. Currently, Ward is playing in an orchestra/swing band called Hot Tomatoes Dance Orchestra. He has also played in another swing band called the Dean Bushnell Orchestra; country rock band, Brad Fitch (Cowboybrad.com); jazz band the Les Elgart Orchestra; jazz band Bob Crosby Orchestra; jazz band John Mills Orchestra; polka band Dick Zavodny Band. He also played in the US Navy Show Band. When we asked Ward what his musical philosophy is, he said that he is "Not a soloist; Just love to make great music with other musicians… Groove is everything!!" Drums, cymbals, pedals, heads & sticks Ward uses include: Mapex Black Panther kit; Zildjian & Sabian cymbals; Regal tip sticks. A little bird told us that Ward studied with Frank Adams (Julliard) as a kid & Bill Reynolds (now at UCONN) in the 70’s.. Both great teachers! Ward can be found at the following social media link: http://www.hottomatoes.com/

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