Damion Carreras
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Damion Carreras is from Loveland, Co. He has been playing and studying drum/percussion concepts, spiritualism, cultural aspects, etc. for 36 years. His inspiration came from something internal, perhaps primal, perhaps universal. When asked, Damion said, "Drummers I admire: anyone that plays, on any level, showing an interest in this amazing realm." Bands played in: Stitched Wide Open, Blood Shot, Isotope 239 (currently), CSU percussion ensemble and orchestra, and many several garage bands mostly metal, groove metal, and what I could label voyage music. When we asked what his musical philosophy is, he said, "I did a college psychology report on “The Spiritual Magic of Drumming.” It’s my life, my religion, encompassment, journey..... that’s my honest answer. Damion plays a TAMA kit, Evans heads, pro-mark 707 Simon Phillips signature, iron cobra pedals, zildjan cymbals, Roland V-Drums. He is mostly self taught, but did have some formal training. He can be found online on Facebook: Damion Carreras and/or Kil Wiked

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