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My name is Terence Bruce I hail from the great state of Michigan... born in Detroit city... but spent about 10 years in Ann Arbor. I moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1990, and been here ever since. I've been playing the drums since ? Oh 3rd or 4th grade? So approx 40 years... plus or minus a decade or 2 for time served in adolescents and then the army lol. I also play guitar and sing... My inspiration to play was in my genes from birth... while I did lose both my parents at an early age, my father was a percussionist, and my mother was a music teacher in the Detroit public school system. I'm going to say my inspiration was my mother... I can actually remember her pulling out pans for me to bang on when I was about 2 years old... all while she popped some Jiffy Pop popcorn. I have several drum heroes... beginning with Neil Peart... my hands and wrist get a little off from not playing as frequently as once upon a time, but I can still pound out most everything from the Moving Pictures days... I may forget a few of the changes, but I can hear almost every note of every song in my head. Next drum hero would be Vinnie Paul of Pantera... (Dimebag definitely my #1 pick for guitar RIP Dime). I had the honor of meeting him... and my ability and favorite style is def influenced by Vinnie... I'm grateful to have had the chance to tell him this on the 1st Anniversary of Dimes passing. What a GREAT loss to music... And... I now have a new #1 ... Mario Duplantier of Gojira! The guy can't possibly be human... I've heard faster, but NO one more precise, brutal, and all executed with the passion of pure deliverance. Yes... the guys that good. I've yet to be able to duplicate what he plays... (maybe some of Gojira's slower stuff lol) ...his speed, power, timing changes, and basic drumming rudiments are way beyond anything I've seen or heard to date within the metal genre... Just insane with it. I haven't toured or played with any band in a study manor, tons of garage jams... etc. However, I did play for all the University of Detroit Pep band gigs back when I was in the 10th grade... I was playing bars at the college. I was also voted in to the USMBA (US Marching band Assoc) as brig in the top 10% percussionist in the United States... that was clear back in 1985... (You know the rules... use it or lose it... but I loved beer). I never regarded myself to be that caliber of player... I've never had a strong left hand... and I ALWAYS speed up timing lol) BUT I believe our instructor was just impressed with my ability to pick up just about any instrument and play it, and wanted to honor me. My philosophy regarding music is an easy one... it's Universal... Within the word music, is the word Muse. Whispering to all whom will open their ears, hearts and minds. As much as the world would like to divide it, there is no one genre owned by any race, color, or creed... Just ask the Wu Tang Klan about Eminem, or Henry Rollins about Bad Brains... life without music equals no life. I sold my last kit to buy a 58' Impala, but I custom built a Gretch Renown Maple kit... ALL maple shells... meanest kick drum I've had or heard to date... Cymbals were predominantly Zildjians but all over the map in series... Masters, Z's, A's... Remo heads, Vic sticks, and all pushed by DW 9000 double pedal (I've never fully gotten the hang of a single bass drum, much prefer 2). I was pretty much self taught but attended the Detroit drum school, forgot the owners name, but he had mentored Ollie Brown (Sting, and various others, studio drummer). Also a short stint at a fancy music school downtown Detroit... I have no links to give... but STILL wish to thank my family for always supporting music. I had no pics of me actually playing, just me watching my kids play around on my last kit and guitar... oh yeah... I cut my dreads, but I'm rockn a fro!

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