Andrew Scott
  • Andrew Scott
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1 - Name

Andrew Scott

2 - Where are you from / currently residing ?

From Enid, Oklahoma

3 - How long have you played the drums ?

30 years but quit for about ten in the middle

4 - What inspired you to start drumming ?

Feeling the grooves of music growing up. I listened to a lot of rock and hip hop. Big drum solos and complicated beats were always intriguing to me.

5 - Drummers you admire ?

Carmine Appice Danny Carer John Bohnam

6 - Bands played in ? A lot of short-lived experimental projects. I've always been more into smaller performance art type of productions..

7 - Musical philosophy ? What role does music and drumming play in your life ? To me, music has always been a form of expression. I don't find a lot of joy in playing pre-written music, or other peoples' songs. I love to just play what feels right and experiment with sounds. Drumming has always been a form of meditation for me. Helps me focus my thoughts emotions in more positive ways.

8 - What drums , cymbals , pedals , heads , sticks do you use ? I currently play a hodge-podge kit, based around a cool vintage Yamaha oyster-shell set I revived and rebuilt myself. It has a secondary bass drum that I made from a 1940's Slingerland marching bass drum. I have a bunch of weird cymbals, a Zilbel, a Sizzle-ride, a gong, a Trashformer, some riveted and tambourine cymbals I fabricated, chinas, etc. I also have a set of Timpani, and I keep one to the right of the floor tom. I also have a cool 80's electric drum kit. It is one of the red hexagonal Simmons kits you would see in electro-pop music videos. I'm currently in the process of adding modern electric cymbals to it.

9 - Are you self taught / formal training ? Formal. I grew up taking lessons and in school band, both starting around age 12. Was a section leader in Jr. High, High School, and a Military Academy for snare or quints. I was offered a scholarship to Oklahoma state for Timpani, but decided to take a rest from drumming for a while at that time.

10 - Social Media links ? Facebook ,YouTube , Twitter , Instagram , website , etc..

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